300mg CBD Pain-Relief Cooling Oil 0.5fl oz

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Let the refreshing coolness of Menthol and Peppermint soothe your body and relieve you from

aches. Whether you’re dealing with muscle soreness caused by physical activity or have been

struggling with joint pains and aches for years, our CBD Pain-Relief Cooling Oil has got your

back. Available in a compact roll-on bottle, this oil is concentrated with carrier oils like jojoba that

nourish your muscles, tissues, and nerves from deep within. The burst of chillness spreads

through your desired area and delivers intense and immediate relief.

Its compact and easy-to-use design lets you carry it everywhere you go, keeping you pain-free

and active always.

  • Gentle on all types of skin
  • Instant cooling pain relief
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain
  • Quantity: 2.5fl oz
  • CBD: 800mg

Directions: Roll over the affected area. A little goes a long way. Keep away from your face and

sensitive areas.

Infused with CBD | No Parabens or Sulfates | Cruelty-free

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